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What is a memory cafe?

Our Moment Cafe is a place for learning, support and social engagement.  It's a safe, fun place to socialize with others who understand your current journey. Participants enjoy planned activities like music, art projects, fun and games, guest performances as well as educational events.  Refreshments and goodies are enjoyed at our cafes. At our memory cafe you can recapture old memories while creating new ones with your loved one.

How often and where does it meet?

We meet at the Chula Vista Recreation Center and the Bacall Recreation Center.  Meetings are once per month.  

How do I qualify and register for the program?

Participants must fill out an application in order to be interviewed for acceptance into the program. 

Does it cost anything?

There is no cost to participate in Our Moment Cafe program.  

Can my loved one attend alone?

No - The program is for both the caregiver and the one cared for.  It's a place to socialize and learn together.  

How it is funded?

Our program is completely free of charge for our participants, and this is because of our faithful donors, partners, and volunteers. 


Where did it begin?

The first memory cafe was created in 1997 by a Dutch psychiatrist to address the stigma of dementia and the subsequent isolation of those with Alzheimer's Disease and their caregivers. It is a disease not openly talked about and difficult for people to find adequate support and education. The memory cafe concept created a place where they could learn and socialize with others experiencing similar issues. Today, this concept has spread across Europe and the United States and has benefited other caregivers and cognitively impaired individuals.  

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